By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qcon2003_01.jpg

Exactly what are 6th Living Target and {DFM}Grim looking at so smugly?

[2] qcon2003_02.jpg

BYOC Panorama, Picture 1

[3] qcon2003_03.jpg

BYOC Panorama, Picture 2

[4] qcon2003_04.jpg

BYOC Panorama, Picture 3

[5] qcon2003_05.jpg

Fraggin' in the BYOC, back-to-back.

[6] qcon2003_06.jpg

The heart of the BYOC, the NOC . . . source of endless amplified patter. (Note to self: Bring noise-cancelling headphones next year!)

[7] qcon2003_07.jpg

Contrary to appearance, this liquid-cooled rig does not run on Bawls.

[8] qcon2003_08.jpg

If you think this looks kewl in the picture taken with the flash . . .

[9] qcon2003_09.jpg

. . . Check it out in the dark!

[10] qcon2003_10.jpg

Nice paint job . . .

[11] qcon2003_11.jpg

. . . And the other side is even kewler!

[12] qcon2003_12.jpg

Clear acrylic case with lots of Bawls . . .

[13] qcon2003_13.jpg

. . . And here is how it looked with the lights out in the BYOC.

[14] qcon2003_14.jpg

More hardware at the BYOC.

[15] qcon2003_15.jpg

Checking out the demos at the nVidia booth . . .

[16] qcon2003_16.jpg

. . . And engineering samples of the Athlon 64 at the AMD booth.

[17] qcon2003_17.jpg

Chinatown in a case-mod.

[18] qcon2003_18.jpg

The obligatory banner-in-the-BYOC shot.

[19] qcon2003_19.jpg

Another random BYOC picture.

[20] qcon2003_20.jpg

Prepping for the CTF finals in the Grand Ballroom.

[21] qcon2003_21.jpg

End of the CTF Finals, Game One . . . Cloud9 - 3; 519 - 0

[22] qcon2003_22.jpg

The second game was a little closer, scoreless at the end of 20 minutes.

[23] qcon2003_23.jpg

519 scored with seconds left in the 10 minute overtime to win the second game.

[24] qcon2003_24.jpg

Cloud9 won the final game and the CTF Final, scoring halfway into the 10 minute overtime. GGZ!

[25] qcon2003_25.jpg

Trophies and prize money for the CTF, 1v1, and RTCW tournies. The chairs were not part of the prize package. :)

[26] qcon2003_26.jpg

6th Living Target and {DFM}Grim enjoyed the CTF Finals but are ready for some swag, food, and beer!

[27] qcon2003_27.jpg

A Quake Girl obliges with some swag.

[28] qcon2003_28.jpg

More Quake Girls and more swag.

[29] qcon2003_29.jpg

{DFM}Ic3-IX goes for the Quake Girl with the Bawls while 6th Living Target seems content with just the Bawls.

[30] qcon2003_30.jpg

{DFM}Ic3-IX gets some more swag for his very own.

[31] qcon2003_31.jpg

The 1v1 Finals . . . Z4muz vs. ZeRo4

[32] qcon2003_32.jpg

ZeRo4 wins, 15-4!

[33] qcon2003_33.jpg

The RTCW Finals . . . zZzZz . . . Sorry. :(

[34] qcon2003_34.jpg

Bring on the free beer and food!

[35] qcon2003_35.jpg

The free beer station is open for business.

[36] qcon2003_36.jpg

All you can drink, free beer . . . W00t!

[37] qcon2003_37.jpg

They even brought the food to you. I could get used to this!

[38] qcon2003_38.jpg

The RTCW Finals in progress . . . zZzZz . . . Sorry again. :(

[39] qcon2003_39.jpg

You have to stay caffeinated to maintain maximum fraggin' performance.

[40] qcon2003_40.jpg

When you aren't fraggin', you have energy to work on public art.

[41] qcon2003_41.jpg

The masterpiece, almost complete.

[42] qcon2003_42.jpg

A liquid-cooled gaming rig in the BYOC . . .

[43] qcon2003_43.jpg

. . . Not only does it run cool, it looks kewl!

[44] qcon2003_44.jpg

A case-modded PC made from a four-foot child's coffin.

[45] qcon2003_45.jpg

This guy sat next to me in the BYOC. He mostly played UT2k3 but he seemed to know quite a bit about Quake 3 also. ;)

[46] qcon2003_46.jpg

This is Fatal1ty's gaming rig.

[47] qcon2003_47.jpg

The Breakfast Club sat two rows behind us. Left to right: [B]Coca-Cola, [B]DiNk, and hL/.Pr1me/.

[48] qcon2003_48.jpg

[B]Coca-Cola asleep at the wheel. :)

[49] qcon2003_49.jpg

It's Sunday morning and {DFM}Ic3-IX starts breaking down his system to take it home.

[50] qcon2003_50.jpg

Still lots of computers but not many people around.

[51] qcon2003_51.jpg

Finally, some table space opens up in the BYOC.

[52] qcon2003_52.jpg

Here's a motley crew . . .

[53] qcon2003_53.jpg

Left to right: [B]DiNk, hL/.Pr1me/., {DFM}Grim, [B]Coca-Cola, {DFM}Ic3-IX, and 6th Living Target

[54] qcon2003_54.jpg

Did I mention we drank a lot of Bawls in four days? :)