By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc040001.jpg

{DFM}Ic3-IX and SS*^Grim look bright and chipper at midnight

[2] qc040002.jpg

Lining up to get into the BYOC

[3] qc040003.jpg

It was still early (midnight or so), so the line was still pretty short

[4] qc040004.jpg

HairL|DLC and MsMoody (Ms. MasterTech)

[5] qc040005.jpg

Dante fixes [B]Black's PC while in the BYOC waiting list line

[6] qc040006.jpg

The Fount of all Knowledge, Quakecon related

[7] qc040007.jpg

Well, this makes it simple …

[8] qc040008.jpg

OK … We are waiting to see the first sponge bath in the BYOC (NOT!)

[9] qc040009.jpg

BYOC Check-in. We only had another hour to wait …

[10] qc040010.jpg

Because the line stretched waaaaaaay down there …

[11] qc040011.jpg

And then loops back :(

[12] qc040012.jpg

At last! We're up next

[13] qc040013.jpg

BYOC Panorama 1

[14] qc040014.jpg

BYOC Panorama 2

[15] qc040015.jpg

BYOC Panorama 3

[16] qc040016.jpg

BYOC Panorama 4 (There's {DFM}Ryly and SS*^Grim)

[17] qc040017.jpg

The obigatory QuakeCon 2004 banner shot

[18] qc040018.jpg

The huge nVidia banner. Is this targeted marketing or what?

[19] qc040019.jpg

An artsy shot of the waterfall in the Atrium

[20] qc040020.jpg

The star at the top of the Atrium

[21] qc040021.jpg

{DFM}Ryly and SS*^Grim

[22] qc040022.jpg

{DFM}Ic3-IX still his bubbly, effervescent self at 3:00 AM

[23] qc040023.jpg

Remember the Alamo? This isn't it …

[24] qc041001.jpg

MsMoody, {DFM}Ic3-IX, HairL|DLC, and {DFM}MasterTech fight a pesky virus running through the BYOC

[25] qc041002.jpg

The brackets were posted on the wall with care, in hopes the contestants would soon be there

[26] qc041003.jpg

The nVidia Lounge, complete with flat panel TVs and really goofy green chairs

[27] qc041004.jpg

The line to get a free nVidia T-shirt

[28] qc041005.jpg

A case mod displayed in one of the vendor booths

[29] qc041006.jpg

All bow before the great, giant Bawls bottle …

[30] qc041007.jpg

The nVidia Booth after the vendor area had closed

[31] qc041008.jpg

The esteemed competition in the Ms Quakecon Tournament

[32] qc041009.jpg

{DFM}Ryly dressed for the occasion

[33] qc041010.jpg

The Radio iTG broadcast station at the edge of the tournament area

[34] qc041011.jpg

Those are still the goofiest green chairs I have ever seen!

[35] qc041012.jpg

The contestants get final instructions before the tourney begins

[36] qc041013.jpg

The standard Quakecon tourney machine: Shuttle Case, AMD 3400XP Proc, 1GB RAM, GeForce 6800GT, 19" CRT

[37] qc041014.jpg

{DFM}Ryly is ready to frag

[38] qc041015.jpg

This unidentified Ms Quakecon contestant wore her warpaint …

[39] qc041016.jpg

While this unidentified Ms Quakecon contestant wore a little less … w00t!

[40] qc041017.jpg

I wonder what game this guy likes to play?

[41] qc041018.jpg

HairL|DLC and the Breakfast Club in the BYOC

[42] qc041019.jpg

The teeming masses gathered around the NOC begging for swag

[43] qc041020.jpg

Here's a simple project you can do at home

[44] qc041021.jpg

Alien head case mod

[45] qc041022.jpg

Last Thursday night and there were still plenty of seats in the BYOC

[46] qc041023.jpg

There's a tree growing out of that computer

[47] qc041024.jpg

The Network Operations Center

[48] qc041025.jpg

Doom3 custom paint job by Falcon Northwest …

[49] qc041026.jpg

And the other side of the same machine

[50] qc041027.jpg

The Papa Johns case mod

[51] qc041028.jpg

That's a lot of Bawls and it is only the first day of the con

[52] qc041029.jpg

Very clean design on this case mod

[53] qc041030.jpg

This rig features a new commercial water cooling system

[54] qc041031.jpg

A better view of the heat exchanger

[55] qc041032.jpg

Another interesting mod

[56] qc041033.jpg

This copper cube is about 8" x 8" x 8"

[57] qc041034.jpg

{DFM}Ryly's favorite type of gamer … A Mac user

[58] qc041035.jpg

aNd|Grav!ty spars with {DFM}Ryly in preparation for round two of the Ms Quakecon Tourney

[59] qc042001.jpg

{DFM}Ryly was seeded 12th in the double elimination brackets for Ms Quakecon

[60] qc042002.jpg

But first, an interview with Radio iTG

[61] qc042003.jpg

Falcon Northwest Doom 3 case in the dark

[62] qc042004.jpg

{DFM}Ryly prepares for her match with Krissy while Suga and the tourney staff look on

[63] qc042005.jpg

Krissy won the match …

[64] qc042006.jpg

But {DFM}Ryly gets a second chance in the "Exceptional Seconds" bracket

[65] qc042007.jpg

Hunter from the LAN Party Network gives a seminar on how to hold a LAN Party

[66] qc042008.jpg

Another picture of the Alien head case mod from yesterday

[67] qc042009.jpg

This is the front of the P

[68] qc042010.jpg

This devilishly eye catching PC …

[69] qc042011.jpg

Is worth a second look

[70] qc042012.jpg

This PC features a Q3A logo carved from a block of UV reflective plastic

[71] qc042013.jpg

Lots of UV relfective tubing …

[72] qc042014.jpg

In this liquid-cooled rig

[73] qc042015.jpg

Here is a clever storage solution for all of your "files"

[74] qc042016.jpg

Clear acrylic PC case

[75] qc042017.jpg

The mother board is almost completely submerged in this "Fishtank" PC

[76] qc042018.jpg

Another interesting mod …

[77] qc042019.jpg

More UV reflective liquid cooling tubing …

[78] qc042020.jpg

With multiple fans and hard drives …

[79] qc042021.jpg

In a custom built aluminum case

[80] qc042022.jpg

This PC has dual temperature readouts and an interesting window decoration …

[81] qc042023.jpg

and looks down-right eerie in the dark

[82] qc042024.jpg

After a smoke-and-beer break, Ms X is ready to take on Suga in the Ms Quakecon finals

[83] qc042025.jpg

The completed Losers bracket …

[84] qc042026.jpg

And the completed Winners bracket

[85] qc042027.jpg

Beta finished third in the Ms Quakecon tourney …

[86] qc042028.jpg

Suga finished second …

[87] qc042029.jpg

And Ms X wins Ms Quakecon 2004!

[88] qc042030.jpg

Ms X and Suga

[89] qc043001.jpg

This guy was sleeping at his computer and the camera crew woke him up to interview him

[90] qc043002.jpg

{DFM}MasterTech's water-cooled PC

[91] qc043003.jpg

{DFM}MasterTech checks out Doom3 while SS*^Grim looks on

[92] qc043004.jpg

[B]Sausage models his Breakfast Club clan T-shirt

[93] qc043005.jpg

6th F4ulty is focused on his game

[94] qc043006.jpg

[B]Coca-Cola and his trademark red hat

[95] qc043007.jpg

It's all [B]Gravy, baby!

[96] qc043008.jpg

Another interview … Saturday seemed to really bring out the media

[97] qc043009.jpg

This was a novel idea — food service in the BYOC

[98] qc043010.jpg


[99] qc043011.jpg


[100] qc043012.jpg

Dante managed to get two computers into the BYOC

[101] qc043013.jpg


[102] qc043014.jpg

MsMoody thinks if she doesn't see the camera, it can't see her either

[103] qc043015.jpg

HairL|DLC's wife, formerly Sorceress

[104] qc043016.jpg

Fatal1ty groupies in the Abit vendor booth

[105] qc043017.jpg

Five computers plus a switch, all in a nice wood case

[106] qc043018.jpg

Another shot of the Humidor Cluster

[107] qc043019.jpg

This PC is fitted into a curio or jewelry box

[108] qc043020.jpg

HairL|DLC's wife bought him a new GeForce 6800GT card then later won a GeForce 6800 Ultra

[109] qc043021.jpg

The 2004 Ms QuakeCon group shot

[110] qc043022.jpg

Todd Hollenshead and one of the Quake Girls — It's good to be the CEO

[111] qc043023.jpg

Site of the Tournament Finals and the Saturday night party afterwards

[112] qc043024.jpg

The VIP party area behind the sound booth

[113] qc043025.jpg

Quakecon 2004 Q3A 1v1 Championship, ZeRo4 from the winners bracket …

[114] qc043026.jpg

… vs CZM from the losers bracket

[115] qc043027.jpg

While we were waiting for the match to begin, G4 interviewed [B]Black

[116] qc043028.jpg

CZM had to take two maps from ZeRo4 to win and picked up $25,000 for his effort

[117] qc043029.jpg

One of the Quake Girls hands out swag

[118] qc043030.jpg

The 2004 Quake Girls

[119] qc043031.jpg

The first ever Quakecon 1v1 Doom3 Tournament featured Daler from the winners bracket …

[120] qc043032.jpg

… vs Fatal1ty from the losers bracket

[121] qc043033.jpg

Fatal1ty had to win two maps against Daler to collect the $25,000 top prize

[122] qc043034.jpg

Another look at the Quake Girls

[123] qc043035.jpg

Here's a case mod I missed earlier, a complete PC in a newstand

[124] qc043036.jpg

It includes an LCD monitor …

[125] qc043037.jpg

… And clear side panels to see what is going on inside

[126] qc043038.jpg

Another look at the LCD monitor and the USB ports

[127] qc044001.jpg

Here's our hotel room as you walk in the door

[128] qc044002.jpg

The bathroom is on the right …

[129] qc044003.jpg

… TV, valuables safe, mini frig, a desk with Internet access …

[130] qc044004.jpg

… And a king-sized bed

[131] qc044005.jpg

The atrium had a number of live plants but the largest plants, like this live oak, were plastic

[132] qc044006.jpg

[B]Sausage starts breaking down his PC for the trip home

[133] qc044007.jpg

6th F4ulty is almost ready to go

[134] qc044008.jpg

[B]Gravy seems a little shell-shocked

[135] qc044009.jpg

That's still a lot of Bawls!

[136] qc044010.jpg

Geekwearz Girl > Quake Girl

[137] qc044011.jpg

A couple of Return to Castle Wolfenstein enthusiast

[138] qc044012.jpg

Yeah, my wiring closet at home looks like that too

[139] qc044013.jpg

The tournament computers are packed for shipment to the next event

[140] qc044014.jpg

All the hardware that was checking into the BYOC on Thursday …

[141] qc044015.jpg

… Has to be checked out of the BYOC on Sunday

[142] qc044016.jpg

Why does any gamer worth his salt need tech support?