By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc060001.jpg

I registered within the first minute but a few people still managed to get in before me

[2] qc060002.jpg

The site lagged about a minute into registration and Ryly received this cryptic confirmation

[3] qc060003.jpg

The registration statistics were posted on the Quakecon site the next evening

[4] qc060004.jpg

Our room had a long entry hall

[5] qc060005.jpg

Which turned into a trapezoid-shaped area

[6] qc060006.jpg

The bathroom was serviceable

[7] qc060007.jpg

With the expected amenities

[8] qc060008.jpg

Another view of the room while Ice-IX adjusts the bungee cords on his monitor cart

[9] qc060009.jpg

King-sized bed and a small sitting area

[10] qc060010.jpg

Another view of the sitting area

[11] qc060011.jpg

This is the last corner of the room . . . The A/C unit

[12] qc060012.jpg

We checked the check-in area at 9 PM and it was already open so we brought our stuff down

[13] qc060013.jpg

The Anatole had lots of oriental art all over the hotel and grounds

[14] qc060014.jpg

Hmm . . . I've seen these before

[15] qc060015.jpg

9:30 Wednesday night and the check-in area is a bustle of activity

[16] qc060016.jpg

The head of the check-in line

[17] qc060017.jpg

Who let this guy in?

[18] qc060018.jpg

Another piece of oriental art

[19] qc060019.jpg

MrSeflDestruction's PC case. The PC pretty much filled the case

[20] qc060020.jpg

10 PM and we are almost to the check-in area!

[21] qc060021.jpg

Hack tests his BF 2 server build from his PC

[22] qc060022.jpg

Quite a few empty seats on Wednesday night but they will fill up

[23] qc060023.jpg

Hack is still testing his BF 2 server build

[24] qc060024.jpg

The nerve center of the BYOC network . . . the N.O.C.

[25] qc060025.jpg

10:30 and EvilCow and Ice-IX have their PCs setup and ready to play

[26] qc060026.jpg

Heh . . . Another loyal Mac user

[27] qc060027.jpg

EvilCow and his parents

[28] qc061001.jpg

A lounge area next to the Tournament area . . . Matches were broadcast on the flat-panel monitors

[29] qc061002.jpg

The nVidia booth had a 16-node LAN set up for gaming

[30] qc061003.jpg

The giant, glowing Quake symbol in the Intel booth

[31] qc061004.jpg

I guess if nVidia spent a bunch of money on these chairs, they have to keep using them

[32] qc061005.jpg

Thursday afternoon and the BYOC is getting pretty full

[33] qc061006.jpg

I counted 8 SATA drives in the double-wide PC

[34] qc061007.jpg

It also has its own LCD monitor displaying system status information

[35] qc061008.jpg

Wide-screen LCD monitors that swivel

[36] qc061009.jpg

The core routers in the N.O.C.

[37] qc061010.jpg

A Vintage Radio/Phonograph PC mod

[38] qc061011.jpg

Another view of the same mod

[39] qc061012.jpg

The Vintage Radio/Phonograph mod in the dark

[40] qc062001.jpg

The builder claims no Macs were destroyed in the building of this mod

[41] qc062002.jpg

Mountain Dew cans are provided for scale

[42] qc062003.jpg

This mod is radio controlled and mobile!

[43] qc062004.jpg

It even has little windows for the driver :P

[44] qc062005.jpg

These Jedi are using their light sabers to attack the glowing balls of light in front of them

[45] qc063001.jpg

The girl at the Enermax booth said those hats were all the rage at Quakecon this year and everyone was wearing them

[46] qc063002.jpg

While waiting for the tourney finals to being, an impromptu cup-stacking contest began

[47] qc063003.jpg

Cup number 17

[48] qc063004.jpg

Cup number 18

[49] qc063005.jpg

One team, I'll call them Team XBM, stacked 18 cups . . . Not bad

[50] qc063006.jpg

The other, Team Q4Max, equaled that mark

[51] qc063007.jpg

Then added cup number 19, FTW!

[52] qc063008.jpg

. . . But failed to get in the Guinness Book of Records with the 20th cup

[53] qc063009.jpg

Front: Ms Moody, MasterTech, EvilCow
Back: MrSelfDestruction, KGB, Ice-IX, and Ryly

[54] qc063010.jpg

EvilCow and his parents

[55] qc063011.jpg

The stage for the 1v1 Tournament Finals

[56] qc063012.jpg

This is kind of what it looked like sitting down

[57] qc063013.jpg

EvilCow's parents

[58] qc063014.jpg

Bawls can art

[59] qc063015.jpg

Start of the 1v1 Finals, Toxic from the winners bracket vs. Cooller from the lower bracket

[60] qc063016.jpg

You've got to love that Quake 4 hit box!

[61] qc063017.jpg

Toxic, the winner, asks one of the Quake Girls for suggestions on spending $15,000

[62] qc063018.jpg

There were a number of additional acts to entertain the crowd

[63] qc063019.jpg

This guy, Rubber Boy, was just painful to watch

[64] qc063020.jpg

How the f*** did this happen?

[65] qc063021.jpg

This box is 18" x 16" x 14", capacity: 13 gallons . . .

[66] qc063022.jpg

. . . Or one contortionist!

[67] qc063023.jpg

Hmm . . . Might not be a Mac after all

[68] qc063024.jpg

Driving the radio-controlled tank-PC out of the BYOC

[69] qc063025.jpg

Convention news was posted on wide-screen monitors, though it was not always timely

[70] qc063026.jpg

What time is it kids? Time to check out of the BYOC!

[71] qc064001.jpg

Now that it's over, this should probably read, "Follow me home from Quakecon 2006!"

[72] qc064002.jpg

Loading the car for the grueling 6 mile trip home

[73] qc064003.jpg

The Intel vendor booth fit into 4 Semis like this

[74] qc064004.jpg

One final look at the Hilton Anatole

[75] qc064005.jpg

Picking up the boys . . .

[76] qc064006.jpg

. . . And the cat, too

[77] qc064007.jpg

The happy reunion