By {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc100001.jpg

No Ryly at Quakecon this year. She was in Palm Desert, California at the Toastmasters International Convention.

[2] qc100002.jpg

I brought my computer to the BYOC Wednesday night but the check-in database was down. These guys were waiting for it to come back up.

[3] qc100003.jpg

This is the line of people who backed up behind me while the database was down.

[4] qc100004.jpg

A huge NOC was located in the middle of the BYOC.

[5] qc100005.jpg

I had to park in the overflow lot most of the time. A quarter of the way to the hotel, I walked past this vehicle.

[6] qc100006.jpg

The official opening of the BYOC was delayed Thursday morning because of some last minute issues. A large line quickly developed.

[7] qc100007.jpg

One line was for people who had already dropped their equipment off and the other was for those who still needed to check-in.

[8] qc100008.jpg

Finally, the line moved enough so I could get to the air conditioning.

[9] qc100009.jpg

At 10:00 AM, the lights were still on in the BYOC but it was slowing beginning to fill.

[10] qc100010.jpg

Here it is, home for the next four days.

[11] qc100011.jpg

I immediately opened my browser to play some Quake Live and encountered this surprise … Network problems!

[12] qc100012.jpg

An area was set up this year so spectators could watch the early tournament matches and listen to the shoutcasts.

[13] qc100013.jpg

Yvonna Lynn (of Charisma +2) and Fatal1ty on the Quick Draw stage.

[14] qc100014.jpg

Spectators watching a game from the 1v1 Masters Tournament.

[15] qc100015.jpg

This is some of the equipment brought by to support the shoutcasts of the tournaments

[16] qc100016.jpg

Ventrillo donated two Shelby Cobra Mustangs, one blue.

[17] qc100017.jpg

… And one red.

[18] qc100018.jpg

The Quakecon Girls on the Quick Draw stage.

[19] qc100019.jpg

PCs were set up in part of the vendor area so gamers could try Quake Live.

[20] qc100020.jpg

Clov3r coached the Quakecon Girls, teaching them the finer points of Quake Live.

[21] qc100021.jpg

The Quakecon Girls played Fatal1ty in a Quake Live match.

[22] qc100022.jpg

Afterwards, various gamers had the opportunity to play against the Quakecon Girls.

[23] qc100023.jpg

Most of the Quakecon Girls had console experience but did not want to stop playing Quake Live.

[24] qc100024.jpg

Two Quakecon Girls discuss their match with Fatal1ty.

[25] qc100025.jpg

The Bethesda Softworks booth featuring their games Brink and Fallout, New Vegas.

[26] qc100026.jpg

The center of the vendor area.

[27] qc100027.jpg

The Air Force Reserve had a booth set up in the vendor area. It never seemed very busy.

[28] qc100028.jpg

Patriot Memory had several laptops set up to demonstrate the speed of solid state drives versus hard disk drives.

[29] qc100029.jpg

The nVidia booth.

[30] qc100030.jpg

Asus had a great booth with lots of overclocking demos and cool gizmos.

[31] qc100031.jpg

A first for Quakecon, the Retail Store.

[32] qc100032.jpg

Alienware has their H1 Hummer decked out with multiple gaming PCs on display in their booth.

[33] qc100033.jpg

Part of the large AMD + ATI + Sapphire booth.

[34] qc100034.jpg

The guys from CPU Magazine were overdressed, as usual.

[35] qc100035.jpg

The front of the Bethesda Softworks booth.

[36] qc100036.jpg

Antec has this interesting little PC on display in their booth.

[37] qc100037.jpg

The Guildhall at SMU was back again with a booth.

[38] qc100038.jpg

The PCs in the tournament area were provided by Dell Alienware.

[39] qc100039.jpg

Back in the BYOC, network problems continued. There was a local Steam repository but you had to logon to the Steam via the Internet to access it.

[40] qc100040.jpg

The guy sitting on my right tethered his PC to his phone and played TF2 over a 3G connection.

[41] qc100041.jpg

As the tournaments moved into their final stages, a large crowd gathered to watch Rapha vs. Stermy.

[42] qc100042.jpg

Rapha lost, was eliminated, and finished 6th. It was his second worst finish at a major tournament ever.

[43] qc100043.jpg

Cooller and Cypher chat before the 1v1 Masters Tournament finals.

[44] qc100044.jpg

In the CTF finals, fnatic won the first game, played on Japanese Castles, against EG 3-2.

[45] qc100045.jpg

EG came back on Siberia, a map that is not their strongest, to even the match.

[46] qc100046.jpg

EG won 3-2 over fnatic on Stonekeep, a new CTF map, to win the $15,000 first prize.

[47] qc100047.jpg

Cooller prepares himself for the 1v1 Masters Tournament finals.

[48] qc100048.jpg

Cypher make final adjustments to his PC prior to the start of the match.

[49] qc100049.jpg

Cooller's brother (and manager) watches the tournament action from the stage.

[50] qc100050.jpg

Cooller won the first map, Lost World, 9-0 but forfeited the second map, Battleforge, to even the match one win each.

[51] qc100051.jpg

Cooller won the third map, Furious Heights, 2-1.

[52] qc100052.jpg

Cypher came back on Aerowalk in the final minutes to even the match with two wins each.

[53] qc100053.jpg

Cypher again came back on the final map, Blood Run to win his second Quakecon Championship and the $14,000 first prize.

[54] qc100054.jpg

A brief discussion took place at Cooller's PC following the match.

[55] qc100055.jpg

Nice paint job on the case and interesting wallpaper on the monitor.

[56] qc100056.jpg

Three views of this PC, one from the left …

[57] qc100057.jpg

One from the right …

[58] qc100058.jpg

And one from the front.

[59] qc100059.jpg

The case had a nice skin applied to it.

[60] qc100060.jpg

This PC had nice green lighting inside the case.

[61] qc100061.jpg

Which nicely complemented the green highlighting on the exterior of the case.

[62] qc100062.jpg

The PC was entered in the case modding contest.

[63] qc100063.jpg

This monster was almost as tall as I was.

[64] qc100064.jpg

It was very noticeable in the dark BYOC.

[65] qc100065.jpg

This acrylic case was lit by six LED fans.

[66] qc100066.jpg

This hand-built case was huge and required a large hand cart to move it.

[67] qc100067.jpg

No towers of Bawls cans in the BYOC this year. This was about as complicated as the construction got.

[68] qc100068.jpg

Possibly a Cooller fan boy?

[69] qc100069.jpg

This case modding contest entry was quite small.

[70] qc100070.jpg

It also looked really cool in the dark.

[71] qc100071.jpg

This was a popular look, the second PC I saw with this skin.

[72] qc100072.jpg

This Quakecon will be remembered for its network problems but when the network was up, I had a solid 4 ms ping in Quake Live.

[73] qc100073.jpg

There were always a few Instagib, FFA, CA, CTF, and Freeze Tag games going on.

[74] qc100074.jpg

Although the number of players seemed low. I keep running into the same people over and over.

[75] qc100075.jpg

Everyone was given premium level access to Quake Live while playing in the BYOC.

[76] qc100076.jpg

This was my last game of Quake Live at Quakecon 2010. Nice to finish with a win. :-)