By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc080001.png

The location and date for QuakeCon 2008 were announced last year but registration was not announced until mid-April

[2] qc080002.png

April 30, Registration night

[3] qc080003.png

Running through the registration checklist

[4] qc080004.png

Registration actually began about 10 minutes early

[5] qc080005.jpg

Driving to QuakeCon we encountered the usual traffic in the Mixmaster

[6] qc080006.jpg

Reunion Tower, a Dallas landmark

[7] qc080007.jpg

The Bank of America building with Renaissance Tower on its left

[8] qc080008.jpg

New construction around the American Airlines Center

[9] qc080009.jpg

Storm clouds gathering to the west

[10] qc080010.jpg

After a grueling 8 mile trip, we arrived at the Hilton Anatole

[11] qc080011.jpg

Our room was on the 25 floor and had been recently remodeled

[12] qc080012.jpg

Double vanity in the bathroom

[13] qc080013.jpg

The desk and seating area (human provided for scale)

[14] qc080014.jpg

A large walk-in shower

[15] qc080015.jpg

The only drawback was the bath only had one sink

[16] qc080016.jpg

The view from the 25th floor of storms north of Dallas

[17] qc080017.jpg

The storms quickly passed and we had no rain the rest of the week

[18] qc080018.jpg

At 9:00 PM, early registration had not yet opened

[19] qc080019.jpg

Obviously a Quake 4 player

[20] qc080020.jpg

Some people had been waiting in line for early registration since 10:00 AM Wednesday morning

[21] qc081001.jpg

The tournaments began Thursday afternoon

[22] qc081002.jpg

These are the tourney computers for QuakeLive and ET:QW

[23] qc081003.jpg

kgb, Clov3r, and pyro wait for the tourney bracket announcments

[24] qc081004.jpg

1v1 brackets for QuakeLive were announced at 5:00 PM

[25] qc081005.jpg

Pyro readies his machine for the first 1v1 round

[26] qc081006.jpg

Killing time before the start of the first 1v1 round

[27] qc081007.jpg

There were some technical issues that delayed the start of the first round games

[28] qc081008.jpg

Players were asked not to leave the Tourney area but eventually, nature called

[29] qc081009.jpg

Team rage preparing for their first round QuakeLive CTF match

[30] qc081010.jpg

Dell and Intel had a huge booth area which included a large trailer set up as a store

[31] qc081011.jpg

Ryly lights it up on Guitar Hero

[32] qc081012.jpg

Nice paint jobs on the GameRigs PCs

[33] qc081013.jpg

This is a Flac jacket-type vest that transmits the impact of gaming hits to your body . . . Sounds like fun :-/

[34] qc081014.jpg

Electronic Arts was promoting the upcoming Wolfenstein RPG with posters and booth babes

[35] qc081015.jpg

amBX, in conjunction with Micro Center, had a nice booth and gaming area

[36] qc081016.jpg

AMD and ATI had a large booth area with stages, gaming PCs, and real live Rubys

[37] qc081017.jpg

Unfortunately, they also had a complicated scheme for getting swag that involved walking around getting coupons stamped

[38] qc081018.jpg

Chillin' in the comfy chairs in the Activision booth

[39] qc081019.jpg

Finally, Bawls is allowed to sell their product in the vendor area

[40] qc081020.jpg

Girls with machine guns in the Activision booth . . . We need more of that :-)

[41] qc081021.jpg

Another of the Wolfenstein Girls

[42] qc081022.jpg

Just the thing on a hot August day, Sno Bawls!

[43] qc081023.jpg

Triton was displaying their gaming headsets

[44] qc081024.jpg

FRAG, the movie, was screened on Friday night while copies of the DVD were available at this booth

[45] qc081025.jpg

PNY had a nice booth with demos and gaming PCs

[46] qc081026.jpg

Steel Series was at one edge of the PNY booth with mice, mousepads, and headphones

[47] qc081027.jpg

Cooler Master was also sharing space with PNY and Steel Series

[48] qc081028.jpg

DLP was a last minute addition to the vendor area

[49] qc081029.jpg

A single DLP HDTV with a ghosted image . . .

[50] qc081030.jpg

With the special glasses, each player sees their own full-screen ingame view

[51] qc081031.jpg

The Linksys booth

[52] qc081032.jpg

The new Linksys N Wireless Router

[53] qc081033.jpg

The Cybertron booth has several demo PCs setup

[54] qc081034.jpg

FSP Group gave away several gaming rigs during the convention

[55] qc081035.jpg

Power supplies of all sizes

[56] qc081036.jpg

The team from CPU Magazine were a bit overdressed but had good taste in beverages

[57] qc081037.jpg

This funky box was suppose to provide 3-D visuals for your games

[58] qc081038.jpg

The Quake Girls and Todd Hollenshead on the Quick Draw stage

[59] qc081039.jpg

Despite the name, it took quite a while to draw two names that were actually present

[60] qc081040.jpg

Ventrilo was giving away a 2008 Corvette

[61] qc081041.jpg

Not bad . . .

[62] qc081042.jpg

The Quake Girls seemed to approve
(photo by Quakecon Staff Photographers)

[63] qc081043.jpg

The Wolfenstein Girls
(photo by Quakecon Staff Photographers)

[64] qc081044.jpg

The Quake Girls, the Wolfenstein Girls, and Ruby
(photo by Quakecon Staff Photographers)

[65] qc081045.jpg

The "other" Ruby

[66] qc082001.jpg

More views from the 25th floor, Parkland Hospital, Southwest Medical Center, and the Renaissance Hotel

[67] qc082002.jpg

The Dallas World Trade Center

[68] qc082003.jpg

Stemmons Freeway (I-35) with Las Colinas in the distance

[69] qc082004.jpg

The Double Tree Hotel (for the fans of the Dallas TV show)

[70] qc082005.jpg

The Galleria area

[71] qc082006.jpg

Between the Tower and the Convention Area, a section of the Berlin Wall (with graffiti) is on display

[72] qc082007.jpg

Double-wide PC case with lights

[73] qc082008.jpg

With three fans drawing air into this case, I would suppose there are no cooling issues with this rig

[74] qc082009.jpg

This rig has an LCD screen mounted on the side of the case which functions independently of the main LCD display

[75] qc082010.jpg

Whataburger FTW \o/

[76] qc082011.jpg

Very ornate design on this case

[77] qc082012.jpg

This case has a Wofenstein logo cut out from the side panel

[78] qc082013.jpg

Overall, a very nice job

[79] qc082014.jpg

Large, liquid-cooled rig

[80] qc082015.jpg

The wire mesh side panel was a popular addition this year

[81] qc082016.jpg

I don't know, I would get a bigger monitor

[82] qc082017.jpg

This case is double high with CPU and drives on top and the cooling unit below

[83] qc082018.jpg

A really poor shot of Ic3-IX's gaming rig

[84] qc082019.jpg

The barbequer PC

[85] qc082020.jpg

A look inside the barbequer PC

[86] qc082021.jpg

Sitting next to the BBQ PC, was the Ice Chest PC

[87] qc082022.jpg

Another shot of the Ice Chest PC

[88] qc083001.jpg

Saturday afternoon and thee were still plenty of empty seats at the BYOC and people were still trickling in

[89] qc083002.jpg

Praetorian and the rest of the network staff kept the BYOC network running at peak efficency

[90] qc083003.jpg

The family that frags together stays together

[91] qc083004.jpg

Ryly *ahem* chats on DC++

[92] qc083005.jpg

The masses wait to enter the Main Stage area for the Saturday night party and finals

[93] qc083006.jpg

Like the Black Gates of Mordor, the portal swings open

[94] qc083007.jpg

The Saturday night party featured free food, drinks, and beer

[95] qc083008.jpg

The Main Stage

[96] qc083009.jpg

The money winners from the ET:QW console tournament

[97] qc083010.jpg

The money winners from the ET:QW PC tournament

[98] qc083011.jpg

The CTF finals, billymaysdaze came from the winners bracket

[99] qc083012.jpg

rage came from the losers bracket, having only lost to billymaysdaze

[100] qc083013.jpg

Oh, that hurts!

[101] qc083014.jpg

billymaysdaze scored with less than 60 seconds left to win the first game 1 - 0

[102] qc083015.jpg

rage tried to come back in the second game but fell short 3 - 2

[103] qc083016.jpg

In It For The Money (pyro's team) won third in the CTF tourney

[104] qc083017.jpg

rage took second place

[105] qc083018.jpg

billymaysdaze collected the first place prize money

[106] qc083019.jpg

The CTF winners

[107] qc083020.jpg

The winner of the Bawls chugging contest on the right with a time of 17.3 seconds

[108] qc083021.jpg

The winner of the Guitar Hero singles competion

[109] qc083022.jpg

Collecting his trophy from Spicey

[110] qc083023.jpg

Playing for third place in the Guitar Hero Co-Op competion, one team scored 654,937

[111] qc083024.jpg

The other team failed out!

[112] qc083025.jpg

The first place Co-Op team scored 1,195,834 and had a 1571 note streak on One by Metallica

[113] qc083026.jpg

Collecting their trophies from Spicey

[114] qc083027.jpg

. . . And getting mobbed by the Quake Girls

[115] qc083028.jpg

The winner of the 2008 Corvette seemed a little subdued

[116] qc083029.jpg

Finally the QuakeLive 1v1 finals began with Zero4 coming from the losers bracket

[117] qc083030.jpg

Cypher came from the winners bracket

[118] qc083031.jpg

Cypher dominated the first map, only losing control for a brief period in the middle of the game

[119] qc083032.jpg

Zero4 tried to come back on the second map but simply ran out of time

[120] qc083033.jpg

Waiting for the 1v1 awards presentation off stage

[121] qc083034.jpg

Griffin won third on the 1v1 tourney

[122] qc083035.jpg

Zero4 finished second

[123] qc083036.jpg

Cypher receives his prize money

[124] qc083037.jpg

Cypher is the 2008 Quakecon 1v1 champion

We played quite a bit of QuakeLive FFA during the con and have lots of screenshots and demos but the QuakeLive Beta NDA prohibits their distribution at this time.

Check back once QuakeLive has been publicly released!

[129] qc083099.jpg

We played until 7:00 AM Sunday morning, a new Quakecon record for Ryly and Ice

[130] qc084001.jpg

Sunday morning, people were lined up to check out of the BYOC

[131] qc084002.jpg

A few diehard souls were still playing QuakeLive

[132] qc084003.jpg

Fatal1ty was playing his final games as well

[133] qc084004.jpg

The BYOC was starting to look pretty devoid of computers

[134] qc084005.jpg

The last computers were being broken down

[135] qc084006.jpg

Chairs were being stacked to begin the tear down

[136] qc084007.jpg

Even Praetorian had packed his equipment for the trip home

[137] qc084008.jpg

Nothing left now but the cleanup