By Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc090001.png

March 6, 2009: Counting down to the start of registration for QuakeCon 2009

[2] qc090002.png

Ic3-IX was number 414 to register

[3] qc090003.png

Nine minutes later, Ryly was number 1190 to register

[4] qc090004.png

The next morning, these statistics from registration were posted

[5] qc090005.jpg

August 13, 2009: Passing Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World on the way to QuakeCon 2009

[6] qc090006.jpg

… A store so large, it has a street named after it

[7] qc090007.jpg

The Gaylord Texan, next right

[8] qc090008.jpg

The Con site is to the left, the hotel spreads out to the right

[9] qc090009.jpg

This must be the right place!

[10] qc090010.jpg

We got to the exhibit space and saw nobody in line at registration and thought "Yes! No waiting!"

[11] qc090011.jpg

Turns out there was a problem and we were shown to the BYOC pre-registration waiting line :-(

[12] qc090012.jpg

The BYOC waiting list line wasn't too long … yet

[13] qc090013.jpg

Ryly whiles away the time playing Word Warp on her iPhone

[14] qc090014.jpg

Rounding the last turn in the line, heading down the home stretch to the door

[15] qc090015.jpg

We're almost at the door with these people are still behind us

[16] qc090016.jpg

The BYOC waiting list line has grown a bit in the last two hours

[17] qc090017.jpg

This will be our "home" for the next four days

[18] qc090018.jpg

Ic3-IX's computer is set up and ready for some Quake Live

[19] qc090019.jpg

… And he's off to frag

[20] qc090020.jpg

Ryly enjoys the new Quake Live client for Mac OS X

[21] qc090021.jpg

Longcat is looooooooooooooong!

[22] qc090022.jpg

An interview being conducted on the row next to us

[23] qc090023.jpg

Ventrillo was giving away a Kona blue 2010 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Coupe

[24] qc090024.jpg

The car had a supercharged 5.4 liter V-8 that produced 540 horsepower and 510 ft-lb of torque … w00f!

[25] qc090025.jpg

A Craftsman Truck Series Toyota on display

[26] qc090026.jpg

Sponsored by Ventrillo

[27] qc090027.jpg

Ryly ventured into this crowd to grab some swag … She came out with a T-shirt

[28] qc090028.jpg was broadcasting BYOC Tournaments and King of the Hill events

[29] qc090029.jpg

The QuakeCon 2009 tournament area with computers were provided by Alienware

[30] qc090030.jpg

CTF action in the tournament area

[31] qc090031.jpg

The QuakeCon tournaments were broadcast in and

[32] qc090032.jpg

djWHEAT provides frag-by-frag and commentary for the Quake Live Masters match between k1llsen vs. chance

[33] qc090033.jpg

Some of the production crew in the background that make the broadcast magic happen

[34] qc090034.jpg

Rapha and others watch the match between k1llsen and chance

[35] qc090035.jpg

AMD/ATI was filming an overclocking demonstration … Just add liquid nitrogen and crank the voltage

[36] qc090036.jpg

Your PC doesn't need an expensive case …

[37] qc090037.jpg

… Some wire baskets work just fine

[38] qc090038.jpg

Gamers … Powered by Bawls

[39] qc090039.jpg

Liquid cooled PC

[40] qc090040.jpg

Nice paint job on this case

[41] qc090041.jpg

A 15-disk array with room for another shelf of 15 disks

[42] qc090042.jpg

PC with a case made of Legos

[43] qc090043.jpg

Double-wide case

[44] qc090044.jpg

A 5-disk array mounted inside the case

[45] qc090045.jpg

The Stormbringer PC

[46] qc090046.jpg

Grabbing some shut-eye in the BYOC

[47] qc090047.jpg

Super Mario Bros. blocks

[48] qc090048.jpg

2009 was the largest QuakeCon ever but there were still a few empty seats in the BYOC

[49] qc090049.jpg

Acrylic cases seem to be making a comeback this year

[50] qc090050.jpg

There were a number of clans and clubs with banners in the BYOC

[51] qc090051.jpg


[52] qc090052.jpg

We got a chuckle from this wallpaper

[53] qc090053.jpg

A wallpaper commemorating the first QuakeCon in 1996

[54] qc090054.jpg

A very neat and tidy liquid-cooled PC

[55] qc090055.jpg

Even the SLI video is liquid cooled

[56] qc090056.jpg

When designing cooling for your PC, be sure to consider the human element

[57] qc090057.jpg

Using an LED fan can provide some ambient lighting as well as some local air conditioning

[58] qc090058.jpg

His and hers Mr. and Ms. Pac-man cases

[59] qc090059.jpg

Pikachu is ready for QuakeCon

[60] qc090060.jpg

More empty seats in the BYOC

[61] qc090061.jpg

This custom machine can play a bazillion different arcade games

[62] qc090062.jpg

Some seats were informally reserved but never seemed to have been claimed

[63] qc090063.jpg

The Barbequer PC returns to QuakeCon

[64] qc090064.jpg

A surplus ammo carrier repurposed as a PC case

[65] qc090065.jpg

The business end of the ammo carrier PC

[66] qc090066.jpg

This PC was given away during the finals party at QuakeCon 2007

[67] qc090067.jpg

If there is an age requirement to join this clan, Ic3-IX probably qualifies

[68] qc090068.jpg

The Geezer definitely has a nice PC

[69] qc090069.jpg

This PC has been to QuakeCon before

[70] qc090070.jpg

This PC was displayed in the nVidia Lounge area of the BYOC

[71] qc090071.jpg

We're not sure how this tied together but the mod was called "Project Away Team"

[72] qc090072.jpg

Another case mod on display in the nVidia Lounge area of the BYOC

[73] qc090073.jpg

A Galaga case mod built from wooden blocks … The front

[74] qc090074.jpg

… And the back

[75] qc090075.jpg

A Craftsman tool chest case mod

[76] qc090076.jpg

This suitcase mod has the PC in the base and the LCD monitor mounted in the lid

[77] qc090077.jpg

A very simple acrylic case

[78] qc090078.jpg


[79] qc090079.jpg

We have to give a fellow Aggie some props … Wh00p!

[80] qc090080.jpg

We've heard that people start to look like their dogs but do PCs start to look like their owners?

[81] qc090081.jpg

Another water-cooled rig

[82] qc090082.jpg

A nice mini-PC case

[83] qc090083.jpg

He's not sleeping … He's just resting his eyes

[84] qc090084.jpg

Pizza, breakfast of gamers

[85] qc090085.jpg

It looks like optical drive repairs are underway on this acrylic-cased PC

[86] qc090086.jpg

The six story Bawls tower in beautiful Grapevine, Texas

[87] qc090087.jpg

More liquid cooling

[88] qc090088.jpg

This acrylic cased PC was entered in the case modding contest

[89] qc090089.jpg

Another acrylic cased PC

[90] qc090090.jpg

The internal lighting of the acrylic cases photographs well in the dark BYOC

[91] qc090091.jpg

Another mini-PC case

[92] qc090092.jpg

This custom cased PC is small and lightweight

[93] qc090093.jpg

It looks pretty good in the dark too

[94] qc090094.jpg

We like the gauge on this PC

[95] qc090095.jpg

This huge monitor was at the end of our row

[96] qc090096.jpg

Case mod using a plastic milk crate

[97] qc090097.jpg

We like the hinged and lockable acrylic cover too

[98] qc090098.jpg

Another case with a flame paint job

[99] qc090099.jpg

The green glow under the case really tied into the green flames

[100] qc090100.jpg

Playing Quake Live on a netbook … About a constant 38 FPS

[101] qc090101.jpg

Plz keep this area clean

[102] qc090102.jpg

Each gamer was allocated 3 feet of table space in the BYOC … In some places, things got a bit tight

[103] qc090103.jpg

Another Danger Den acrylic case

[104] qc090104.jpg

This one has liquid cooling

[105] qc090105.jpg

The beer micro-keg PC

[106] qc090106.jpg

Another liquid-cooled PC with blue LED lighting

[107] qc090107.jpg

The CPU was liquid cooled but the GPU was not

[108] qc090108.jpg

This guy is ready for a long night of gaming

[109] qc090109.jpg

The paint theme on the case extends to the monitor and the mouse pad

[110] qc090110.jpg

This BYOC clan banner is for Team 1337

[111] qc090111.jpg

Taking a break from Quake Live

[112] qc090112.jpg

Even more liquid cooling

[113] qc090113.jpg

Liquid cooling the CPU and the GPU

[114] qc090114.jpg

A surplus gas mask gives this case a unique look

[115] qc090115.jpg

Even in the dark, the look is very unique

[116] qc090116.jpg

Another excellent flame paint job on this case

[117] qc090117.jpg

This case has a very intricate cutout design

[118] qc090118.jpg

Obviously a d0g lover

[119] qc090119.jpg

This seems to have almost everything you need for some MAME gaming

[120] qc090120.jpg

It looks like this PC can handle some serious overclocking

[121] qc090121.jpg

Another view of the same PC

[122] qc090122.jpg

A very spartan case design

[123] qc090123.jpg

A lot of time went into building this beautiful walnut case

[124] qc090124.jpg

Another acrylic case with cold cathode tube lighting

[125] qc090125.jpg

That's colored aquarium gravel at the bottom of the case

[126] qc090126.jpg

Interestingly, this case appears to have liquid cooling but the CPU also has a Zalman CNPS9700 cooler

[127] qc090127.jpg

Todd Hollenshead kicked off the Quake Live Grand Finals event on Saturday night

[128] qc090128.jpg

Marty Stratton also said a few words

[129] qc090129.jpg

The last two teams in the CTF Championship wait off-stage while Todd introduces the broadcast team

[130] qc090130.jpg

The QuakeCon Girls for 2009

[131] qc090131.jpg

Team fnatic (l1nkje, stermy, Spart1e, fox, and deus) finished third in the CTF Championship and collected $4000

[132] qc090132.jpg

Team Who Run It (eisenkreuz, icel0re, pyro, and kgb) finished second and collected $6000

[133] qc090133.jpg

Team Evil Geniuses (DaHanG, clampOK, id_, and Viju) won the CTF finals 2-0 and collected $12,000

[134] qc090134.jpg

In the Quake Live Open Tournament, Cliffy finished third, HardUp finished second, and Flysher won the $1500 first prize

[135] qc090135.jpg

Todd and Marty kill some time by tossing swag to the crowd

[136] qc090136.jpg

The swag included copies of Wolfenstein for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 … The game, at the time, had not been publically released yet

[137] qc090137.jpg

The Quake Live Masters Tournament was a best of five match with Spart1e taking the first map (Trinity) 5-4

[138] qc090138.jpg

The second map (Campground Redux) also went to Spart1e 9-8 although both players made comebacks to take the lead during the game

[139] qc090139.jpg

Rapha won the third map (Vertical Vengeance) 12-9 to stay alive in the finals

[140] qc090140.jpg

Rapha completely dominated on the fourth map (Lost World) 17-1 to tie the match at two games each

[141] qc090141.jpg

Rapha won the fifth map (The House of Decay) 9-3 to win one of the most exciting QuakeCon Duel finals ever, three maps to two

[142] qc090142.jpg

Cypher finished third in the Quake Live Masters Tournament and collected $4000

[143] qc090143.jpg

Spart1e collected $7500 for his second place finish

[144] qc090144.jpg

Rapha was crowned the QuakeCon 2009 Masters Champion amid wild cheers and collected $14,000 for his efforts

[145] qc090145.jpg

The three winners from the QuakeCon 2009 Masters Championship

[146] qc090146.jpg

Of course, you cannot bring a PC to QuakeCon and not play in the BYOC

[147] qc090147.jpg

Despite a city-wide power spike and a DDOS attack, pings were generally single digit all weekend

[148] qc090148.jpg

It seemed like there were more Quake Live players and servers last year

[149] qc090149.jpg

But we never had a problem finding a FFA, CA, or CTF game to join

[150] qc090150.jpg

id also created an InstaCTF server type especially for QuakeCon 2009

[151] qc090151.jpg

This was one of our last games … Nice ping :-)

[152] qc090152.png

Quake Live keeps track of each players stats during play

[153] qc090153.png

A feature that returned to Quake Live just in time for QuakeCon 2009 was the leader board which ranked players based on performance

[154] qc090154.jpg

In the Atrium of the Gaylord Texan, a 1/24 scale model railroad and town was set up

[155] qc090155.jpg

At night, the ferris wheel was lit

[156] qc090156.jpg

There were several trains running a separate circuits

[157] qc090157.jpg

This guy was cleaning the tracks with a long-handled duster