By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc050001.jpg

We signed up within 2 minutes of registration opening but, as you can see, there were a few people ahead of us.

[2] qc050002.jpg

To beat the high prices at the hotel, we stocked up and brought our own drinks.

[3] qc050003.jpg

Traveling light!

[4] qc050004.jpg

We got to the Gaylord Texas at about 3:30 PM … This is a HUGE place!

[5] qc050005.jpg

The staff is willing and eager to help … for a price.

[6] qc050006.jpg

The Gaylord Texas … Born May 7, 2004.

[7] qc050007.jpg

This is the lobby as you first walk in the door.

[8] qc050008.jpg

The stars above the arches are a nice touch.

[9] qc050009.jpg

If you didn't come to the Gaylord Texan for Quakecon, there is still plenty to do.

[10] qc050010.jpg

Riding the elevator up … Weeeeeeeeee!

[11] qc050011.jpg

This is a view from the balcony of our room.

[12] qc050012.jpg

Room view … Panorama 1.

[13] qc050013.jpg

Room view … Panorama 2.

[14] qc050014.jpg

Room view … Panorama 3. Yup, our room is behind the oil derrick.

[15] qc050015.jpg

Room view … Panorama 4.

[16] qc050016.jpg

Room view … Panorama 5.

[17] qc050017.jpg

Gawd damned smokers!

[18] qc050018.jpg

Another balcony view of the atrium.

[19] qc050019.jpg

The room itself.

[20] qc050020.jpg

The bathroom.

[21] qc050021.jpg

The tub (it is a very nice shower, by the way).

[22] qc050022.jpg

Izmu, Alien, and Banshee

[23] qc050023.jpg

OMG! The giant Grapevine Football!

[24] qc050024.jpg

There were a number of exhibits in the atrium … Model trains …

[25] qc050025.jpg

… Complete with a little train station

[26] qc050026.jpg

Coming 'round the bend.

[27] qc050027.jpg

There is a caboose.

[28] qc050028.jpg

Another model train crossing a bridge.

[29] qc050029.jpg

Almost across.

[30] qc050030.jpg

A model windmill, well, and waterhouse.

[31] qc050031.jpg

NASA also had an exhibit with models of the shuttle and photos.

[32] qc050032.jpg

Bloodwolf gets pwned by the door.

[33] qc050033.jpg

Ryly is all smiles while waiting to get into the BYOC.

[34] qc050034.jpg

Alien reviews results from previous tournaments.

[35] qc050035.jpg

At this point, Izmu has been up for about 23 hours.

[36] qc050036.jpg

The registration desk … Not quite ready to open.

[37] qc050037.jpg

These people started lining up at 6:00 PM.

[38] qc050038.jpg

Remember those green nVidia chairs from last year … They're baaaaack!

[39] qc050039.jpg

More people waiting to get into the BYOC Wednesday night.

[40] qc050040.jpg

The Information Desk is full of useful information and suggestions.

[41] qc050041.jpg

The line finally started moving at about 4:00 AM. We were all a little tired by then.

[42] qc050042.jpg

We've made the final turn and are heading for the registration desk.

[43] qc050043.jpg

Finally! Set up in the BYOC at 5:00 AM.

[44] qc050044.jpg

Let's frag! On second thought, I think I'm going to sleep.

[45] qc050045.jpg

Some quick shots of the BYOC … The NOC under the Quakecon banner.

[46] qc050046.jpg

If I can't see the banner, it can't see me! :)

[47] qc050047.jpg

More PCs, the banner, and the vendor area way in the back.

[48] qc051002.jpg

This is the tournament area. It was against the far wall, separated from the BYOC by the vendor area … A much better arrangement.

[49] qc051003.jpg

Fatal1ty was at Quakecon 2005, playing randomly selected challengers in the Creative booth.

[50] qc051004.jpg

Everyone commented on how terrible the water tasted. I thought it was interesting the pipe was labeled … Hmmmm.

[51] qc051005.jpg

Black checks Alien's computer for hacks.

[52] qc051006.jpg

Black and Alien share a moment.

[53] qc051007.jpg

The lighting in the BYOC was much better this year. Four sets of uplights gave an eerie appearance from the distance.

[54] qc051008.jpg

The Senior Gaming League was back with their BYOC tourney … Only old guys (over 30) could enter.

[55] qc051009.jpg

This video game is actually a PC running MAME and could play tons of old video games.

[56] qc051010.jpg

OK, as bad as the chair looks, this was an acceptable use.

[57] qc051011.jpg

Make a case mod out of it!

[58] qc052001.jpg

Friday morning and a few people were still registering to get into the BYOC.

[59] qc052002.jpg

Ah, motherhood!

[60] qc052003.jpg

The RtCW contingent.

[61] qc052004.jpg

Banshee and MsMoody

[62] qc052005.jpg

Alien and Hack ran a number of BYOC tournaments.

[63] qc052006.jpg

nVidia had a large booth in the vendor area. This is the entrance.

[64] qc052007.jpg

They had laptops setup to demonstrate their video chips.

[65] qc052008.jpg

They also had desktops setup to demonstrate their video boards running the latest games.

[66] qc052009.jpg

They also had a small LAN setup for gaming.

[67] qc052010.jpg

The nVidia booth with a booth babe.

[68] qc052011.jpg

The nVidia lounge area complete with green chairs. :P

[69] qc052012.jpg

The Intel booth was as large or larger then nVidia's. Here is the front.

[70] qc052013.jpg

Intel had about 20 machines setup for gaming. Many were running Doom 3 and Quake 4.

[71] qc052014.jpg

More Intel gaming machines …

[72] qc052015.jpg

Good grief, even more Intel gaming machines!

[73] qc052016.jpg

The Intel lounge area with Quake 3 frag videos running in the background.

[74] qc052017.jpg

Fatal1ty was at the Creative booth.

[75] qc052018.jpg

This was the deal … Just beat him and win $500 of merchandise. Most people scored -1 or 0.

[76] qc052019.jpg

Activision had a large booth too.

[77] qc052020.jpg

The primary attraction was a 10 player Quake 4 Free For All.

[78] qc052021.jpg

Another shot of the Quake 4 FFA area. It was first come, first serve, play as long as you wanted.

[79] qc052022.jpg

Razer was showing off their new Copperhead mouse.

[80] qc052023.jpg

The Linksys booth. Ask a question, get a T-shirt!

[81] qc052024.jpg

Ageia was passing out information on their new physics co-processor cards. Hopefully Q4 will support them.

[82] qc052025.jpg

You could learn everything you ever wanted to know about memory at the Kingston booth.

[83] qc052026.jpg

Enermax was displaying cases and power supplies.

[84] qc052027.jpg

Even the Guildhall had a booth in the vendor area!

[85] qc052028.jpg

The Blue Gears booth. They had some neat system monitoring accessories for cases.

[86] qc052029.jpg

The front of the Alienware booth.

[87] qc052030.jpg

The Z-board booth.

[88] qc052031.jpg

A Bawls Slurpee really hits the spot on a hot August afternoon!

[89] qc052032.jpg

The clothier was tucked away quietly in the back of the vendor area.

[90] qc052033.jpg

Chillin' at the Linksys booth.

[91] qc052034.jpg

Ryly entered the Ms Quakecon tournament again this year. The first round was an elimination FFA. She did well. :)

[92] qc052035.jpg

Ms.X went undefeated through the winners bracket.

[93] qc052036.jpg

Missy emerged at the top of the losers bracket.

[94] qc052037.jpg

Ryly finished tied for 7th! W00t!

[95] qc052038.jpg

What an excellent idea!

[96] qc052039.jpg

Alien shows 'em how to play Quake 4.

[97] qc052040.jpg


[98] qc052041.jpg

Hack celebrated his birthday on Friday night.

[99] qc052042.jpg

… And a good time was had by all.

[100] qc052043.jpg

Alien and Bloodwolf face off in Air Hockey.

[101] qc052044.jpg

Alien put up a valient effort …

[102] qc052045.jpg

… But Bloodwolf won the game 6 - 4.

[103] qc053001.jpg

Somebody was busy Friday night!

[104] qc053002.jpg

Nice liquid-cooled rig.

[105] qc053003.jpg

This is Project Lament … the Hellraiser PC.

[106] qc053004.jpg

This is a nice way to keep both your CPU and your Bawls cool.

[107] qc053005.jpg

This mod began as a toolbox from Home Depot.

[108] qc053006.jpg

This mod pays homage to the Ford F40.

[109] qc053007.jpg

It features dual exhausts, emergency blinkers (if the LAN fails), a 108db horn, and genuine Ford logos from a Texas dealership.

[110] qc053008.jpg

This case has a nice wood finish with metal accents.

[111] qc053009.jpg

Another shot of the same case.

[112] qc053010.jpg

Obviously, the guy is a Parrothead.

[113] qc053011.jpg

I just liked the wallpaper.

[114] qc053012.jpg

How … Floral!

[115] qc053013.jpg

This 100% walnut case took about 3 months to build.

[116] qc053014.jpg

A commercial micro-tower case.

[117] qc053015.jpg

Nice looking alien face for the side window.

[118] qc053016.jpg

This mod was tucked away in the back of the BYOC. The PC is installed inside the mannequin.

[119] qc053017.jpg

Unfortunately, it looks like it has a virtual memory error, disk controller error, virus, or memory problem. :(

[120] qc053018.jpg

Another shot, up close.

[121] qc053019.jpg

The caseless wonder.

[122] qc053020.jpg

Not really a case mod, but I like model rockets too.

[123] qc053021.jpg

This rig not only looked nice but scored 15,827 in the Alienware benchmarks. Not bad!

[124] qc053022.jpg

This is one of two machines Hack brought. He ran 4 tournament servers on each one and they were smoooooth.

[125] qc053023.jpg

A commercial inverted ATX case, the PC-V2100 by Lian Li.

[126] qc053024.jpg

A nice diamond-plate case mod.

[127] qc053025.jpg

This miniature version of the Donkey Kong arcade game actually works.

[128] qc053026.jpg

After waiting 8 hours to get into the BYOC on Wednesday night, this little unit suddenly makes a lot of sense.

[129] qc053027.jpg

Another commercial inverted ATX case, the PC-V1000B, also by Lian Li.

[130] qc053028.jpg

This huge case has plenty of room for storage.

[131] qc053029.jpg

… And it looks kewl in the dark!

[132] qc053030.jpg

Another mod using the same case.

[133] qc053031.jpg

Ellis's Plexiglas case.

[134] qc053032.jpg

Another double-wide case. Note the Aerocool Gatewatch panel taking up 2 5.25" slots.

[135] qc053033.jpg

A modded Mac Cube.

[136] qc053034.jpg

I think these DDR DIMMs are pretty slick.

[137] qc053035.jpg

This unassuming PC scored 16,319 in the Alienware benchmarks.

[138] qc053036.jpg

Another diamond-plate case mod.

[139] qc053037.jpg

This cooling tower resembles Dallas City Hall.

[140] qc053038.jpg

A closer look at the innards of the cooling tower.

[141] qc053039.jpg

The fish tank PC. The mother board is submerged in mineral oil!

[142] qc053040.jpg

Saturday afternoon and there are plenty of seats in the BYOC.

[143] qc053041.jpg

More empty seats.

[144] qc053042.jpg

Not having a confirmed BYOC spot is not an excuse …

[145] qc053043.jpg

... There are plenty of empty seats!

[146] qc053044.jpg

The Bawls chugging contest.

[147] qc053045.jpg

More chugging.

[148] qc053046.jpg

A female chugger!

[149] qc053047.jpg

MC Hammer's white cousin finished his bottle in 15.6 seconds. Weak!

[150] qc053048.jpg

The winner (not this guy) chugged a bottle of Bawls in 3.4 seconds!

[151] qc053049.jpg

The Quake 2 Tourney finals featured PURRI from Sweden, coming from the winners bracket …

[152] qc053050.jpg

… vs Doze from the United States, coming from the losers bracket.

[153] qc053051.jpg

PURRI won the first game, the championship, and $10,000.

[154] qc053052.jpg

The Ms. Quakecon Tourney finals (Q3A) featured Ms.X, coming from the winners bracket …

[155] qc053053.jpg

… vs Missy, coming from the losers bracket.

[156] qc053054.jpg

Missy dominated both games and picked up $15,000. Girlz of Destruction finished 1, 2, 3 in the tourney.

[157] qc053055.jpg

The Doom3 finals featured RocketBoy from China, coming from the winners bracket …

[158] qc053056.jpg

… vs fnatic\\gopher from the U.K., coming from the losers bracket.

[159] qc053057.jpg

gopher won both games, including a thrilling come-from behind in the second game to take home the $25,000 first prize.

[160] qc053058.jpg

This is how you take a fish tank PC home at the end of Quakecon.

[161] qc053059.jpg

Compared to my DSL connection, the LAN connection is just freaking sweet!

[162] qc053060.jpg

… And it seemed to have a positive effect on my game. :)

[163] qc053061.jpg

We literally played till dawn. When we got back to the room, this was waiting under the door. Ouch!