By Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc110001.jpg

Driving past downtown Dallas on the way to Quakecon on Thursday.

[2] qc110002.jpg

When the on-site parking is full and the overflow lot is full, the signs say to park … Here!

[3] qc110003.jpg

Alienware is in da house.

[4] qc110004.jpg

Celebrity sighting!

[5] qc110005.jpg

The Berlin Wall section finally has a display spot in some air conditioning.

[6] qc110006.jpg

The new, enclosed, AIR CONDITIONED walkway from the Tower to the Convention Center.

[7] qc110007.jpg

B40-18 … Home for the next three days!

[8] qc110008.jpg

The Hennessey Velociraptor 600SC.

[9] qc110009.jpg

Ventrillo's vehicle give-away for Quakecon 2011.

[10] qc110010.jpg

Of course, the Alienware Hummer was here.

[11] qc110011.jpg

The Bethesda Software booth in the vendor area.

[12] qc110012.jpg

The upcoming id software game, Rage, was available to play.

[13] qc110013.jpg

Tribes Ascend, an online FPS, was also available for play in the vendor area.

[14] qc110014.jpg

AMD has a small booth and display this year … Two dimensional Ruby only.

[15] qc110015.jpg

Bawls was back in the vendor area and their booth was well stocked.

[16] qc110016.jpg

You would think in a slow economy, the Air Force would not have to resort to booth babes to drive recruitment.

[17] qc110017.jpg

The vendor area Main Stage, site of the Quick Draw tournaments and general shenanigans.

[18] qc110018.jpg

One of PCs used on the Main Stage.

[19] qc110019.jpg

Quakecon partnered with AT&T for Internet access this year.

[20] qc110020.jpg

Playing Quake Live on a netbook … 70 frames-per-second.

[21] qc110021.jpg

This PC used liquid immersion for cooling.

[22] qc110022.jpg

It used a low electrical conductivity fluid with a low boiling point developed by 3M for the purpose.

[23] qc110023.jpg

The Plasma TV was hooked to a control console that had almost every arcade video game known to man on it.

[24] qc110024.jpg

It really is a PC.

[25] qc110025.jpg

A traditional liquid cooled PC.

[26] qc110026.jpg

The PC That Shall Not Be Named.

[27] qc110027.jpg

Eerie blue glow … Must take picture … Can't help myself …

[28] qc110028.jpg

This mod was just incredible.

[29] qc110029.jpg

Unfortunately, the photos do not do it justice.

[30] qc110030.jpg

The monitor played a slide show of the mod's construction.

[31] qc110031.jpg

Even the name plate is a work of art.

[32] qc110032.jpg

Another "caseless" PC.

[33] qc110033.jpg

The distressed look of this case was much less obvious in the dark BYOC.

[34] qc110034.jpg

I see this custom painted case in the BYOC every year … This year is no exception.

[35] qc110035.jpg

What do Mercedes Benz, a big-ass rocket launcher, and Quakecon 2010 have in common?

[36] qc110036.jpg

They are all etched into the case window of this PC.

[37] qc110037.jpg

Wow, can run Starcraft 2 at 30fps in HD resolution AND can tow 220 pounds. Now THAT is a real man's PC.

[38] qc110038.jpg

Good advice for anyone …

[39] qc110039.jpg

This monitor is actually a PC …

[40] qc110040.jpg

… with a translucent, backlit screen.

[41] qc110041.jpg

The light shining through the monitor cooling vents makes an interesting effect.

[42] qc110042.jpg

This year, the LAN was routed so in-game browsers did not work. These gamers found a way to announce their servers.

[43] qc110043.jpg

I wonder how well this case mod would stand up the airline baggage handlers?

[44] qc110044.jpg


[45] qc110045.jpg

Nice plumbing work on this liquid cooled PC.

[46] qc110046.jpg

There's nobody in the NOC! Who's driving the LAN!

[47] qc110047.jpg

Collecting images for a BYOC time lapse.

[48] qc110048.jpg

Hotel housekeeping displayed an almost fanatical compulsion to picking up trash, especially empty cans. This was the highest Bawls tower we could find.

[49] qc110049.jpg

The year, there was an official, invitation only Quake Live TDM tournament.

[50] qc110050.jpg

The games were played on Friday in the tournament area.

[51] qc110051.jpg

The best-of-3 finals were played on Saturday night at the Finals Party.

[52] qc110052.jpg

BallerSsS (strenx, draven, Cypher, Cooller) finished third.

[53] qc110053.jpg

iCE cLIMBERS (Stermy, fox, l1nkin, tox) finished second.

[54] qc110054.jpg

Salivating Monstahz (Krysa, noctis, avek, spart1e) won the TDM tournament.

[55] qc110055.jpg

The Quakecon Girls wait for the winners of the Brink open tournament.

[56] qc110056.jpg

Blight won second place.

[57] qc110057.jpg

Looking for sponsor won first place.

[58] qc110058.jpg

The official Quake Live Duel tournament was also an invitation only event.

[59] qc110059.jpg

The games were played on Thursday in the tournament area.

[60] qc110060.jpg

The best-of-5 finals were played on Saturday night at the Finals Party.

[61] qc110061.jpg

Unfortunately, the finals match did not begin until almost 11 PM local time.

[62] qc110062.jpg

When the dust had settled, Cooller has won third place.

[63] qc110063.jpg

Strenx finished second.

[64] qc110064.jpg

After losing the opening map, Rapha won the finals 3-1.

[65] qc110065.jpg

The Quakecon BYOC had an internally hosted Quake Live server.

[66] qc110066.jpg

Pings on the internal server generally ran in the 2 to 8 millisecond range.

[67] qc110067.jpg

Unfortunately, the connection to the Internet was so good, many people played on the public Quake Live server.

[68] qc110068.jpg

Everywhere you looked, people were playing Quake Live but there were only a few active games on the internal server.

[69] qc110069.jpg

Statistics were not working on the local Quake Live server.

[70] qc110070.jpg

So, even through we played 142 games in three days, that activity will not be reflected in our QL profile.

[71] qc110071.jpg

[72] qc110072.jpg

[73] qc110073.jpg

[74] qc110074.jpg

[75] qc110075.jpg

Despite being out of practice, Ryly had a respectable showing against some pretty strong competition.

[76] qc110076.jpg

Without a doubt, our best Clan Area performance of the weekend.

[77] qc110077.jpg

[78] qc110078.jpg

As usual, we tried to play until dawn on Sunday morning.

[79] qc110079.jpg

This year, we just couldn't make it to dawn. Our last game was at 4:30 AM.

[80] qc110080.jpg

OMG, two people Rage-Quit? WTF, it was only 70% rail!