By SS*Ryly and {DFM}Ice-IX

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[1] qc070001.jpg

Again this year, I was online waiting for registration to begin. I was still number 471. *sigh*

[2] qc070002.jpg

I also registered Ryly …

[3] qc070003.jpg

… My brother-in-law …

[4] qc070004.jpg

… And my nephew. Neither my brother-in-law nor my nephew made it to the Con. :-(

[5] qc070005.jpg

Registration was very smooth with almost 2400 people signing up in the first 2.5 hours.

[6] qc070006.jpg

There was a contest to see who registered at certain "magic numbers" … These were the winners.

[7] qc070007.jpg

The following Tuesday, it was announced all the BYOC reserved spots had been filled.

[8] qc070008.jpg

Fast forward to Con time … Packing the "boys" off to the vet to be boarded.

[9] qc070009.jpg

The car is loaded and we are ready to leave.

[10] qc070010.jpg

Ryly, dressed for the event, walks to the car.

[11] qc070011.jpg

The grueing 8.1 mile trip took us past the Hyatt Regency Reunion Hotel and Tower.

[12] qc070012.jpg

… And the rest of downtown Dallas.

[13] qc070013.jpg

This is the entrance to the Atrium portion of the Hilton Anatole. The 46 foot sculpture is "Flames of Life" by Prince Monyo Mihailescu-Nasturel.

[14] qc070014.jpg

Every hotel has to have a huge floral arrangement in the main lobby.

[15] qc070015.jpg

This was parked by the front door … A white Lamborghini.

[16] qc070016.jpg

Oddly, this is not the only example of this vehicle I have seen in Dallas.

[17] qc070017.jpg

We were given a room at the top of the Atrium.

[18] qc070018.jpg

A couple of shots of the room … One sink.

[19] qc070019.jpg

The rest of the bathroom.

[20] qc070020.jpg

A king-sized bed and a seating area by the window.

[21] qc070021.jpg

And a great view of Downtown.

[22] qc070022.jpg

The white building behind the Sheraton Suites is the Infomart, built to resemble the original Crystal Palace in London.

[23] qc070023.jpg

This was the look down from the balcony outside our room. A little bit of Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Anxiety there. :-)

[24] qc070024.jpg

A huge storm came though Dallas at about 6:00 PM. Afterwards, these low clouds moved through downtown.

[25] qc070025.jpg

There was a little bit rain too. Compare the waterlevel with that in qc070021.

[26] qc070026.jpg

Clouds still moving through downtown.

[27] qc070027.jpg

Still …

[28] qc070028.jpg

The clouds have almost passed through downtown.

[29] qc070029.jpg

At sunset, a rainbow appeared that arched over all of downtown. This is the right "leg".

[30] qc070030.jpg

Our Atrium room was about as far from the Con as possible … So we changed rooms to the Tower.

[31] qc070031.jpg

Our new room was just like last year's room … Same wall art.

[32] qc070032.jpg

Same trapazoid shape …

[33] qc070033.jpg

Same two sink bathroom …

[34] qc070034.jpg

Same sitting area …

[35] qc070035.jpg

The same king-sized bed …

[36] qc070036.jpg

And the same desk and minibar arrangement.

[37] qc070037.jpg

At about 10:30 PM, got in line for early check-in to the BYOC. Ryly and MsMoody are at the back of the line in the overflow area. :-(

[38] qc070038.jpg

Parents, don't let your children play W0W!

[39] qc070039.jpg

This personable fellow was at the front of the line in the overflow area.

[40] qc070040.jpg

Even celebrities like Optimus Prime have to wait in line.

[41] qc070041.jpg

The overflow area was down a set of stairs so MasterTech and Hack waited in the lobby with our wheeled carts.

[42] qc070042.jpg

Nice paint job on this Silverstone case … Scuffed aluminum finish covered in tinted clearcoat. The flames make it run faster. :-)

[43] qc070043.jpg

After about an hour, we moved from the overflow area to the party at the checkin area.

[44] qc070044.jpg

This is the bag check area where they look for unauthorized patch cables and plug strips.

[45] qc070045.jpg

Two foosball tables were set up to help pass the time.

[46] qc070046.jpg

There were also several classic video games in the same area.

[47] qc070047.jpg

Tacgnol vs. Longcat

[48] qc070048.jpg

The BYOC rules for 2007. Compared to previous years, food and drinks are actually allowed in the BYOC this year.

[49] qc070049.jpg

We finally were able to drop our equipment in the BYOC at about 2:00 AM. This is Ice's rig.

[50] qc070050.jpg

Ryly travels much ligher with a Mac Powerbook.

[51] qc070051.jpg

We are sitting at the back of the BYOC behind the main NOC and Pykomantis' PC.

[52] qc070052.jpg

This is the auxillary NOC in the middle of the BYOC.

[53] qc070053.jpg

Last year, this area was the tournament area. This year, it is all BYOC.

[54] qc070054.jpg

This area was the vendor area last year. Like the tournament area, it is all BYOC.

[55] qc071001.jpg

By noon on Thursday, all the pre-registered attendees had been admitted into the BYOC.

[56] qc071002.jpg

MacBooks -- The preferred laptop of NOC Operators.

[57] qc071003.jpg

A camera crew was moving through the BYOC filming.

[58] qc071004.jpg

I guess they never saw XP being loaded on a PC because they spent about 10 minutes filming this machine.

[59] qc071005.jpg

These guys brought an Xbox 360 and a projector. In the dark BYOC, the image looked pretty good on the wall.

[60] qc071006.jpg

There were several of these scattered around the BYOC.

[61] qc071007.jpg

They projected updated schedules of events on the wall.

[62] qc071008.jpg

A schedule and map of the facility was also projected above the BYOC doorway.

[63] qc071009.jpg

At 2:00 PM, this was the line of everyone who had not pre-registered for the BYOC. They were admitted starting at 3:00 PM.

[64] qc071010.jpg

The Main Stage was all the way over on the opposite side of the hotel in the Atrium area.

[65] qc071011.jpg

At 4:00 PM, nVidia offered free pizza …

[66] qc071012.jpg

… and Bawls.

[67] qc071013.jpg

It was an effective ploy to get people out of the BYOC and into the Main Stage area for the nVidia Kick-off presentation.

[68] qc071014.jpg

Someday, we will save the life of someone or kill someone and be allowed to sit in the VIP lounge.

[69] qc071015.jpg

Ryly checks the forums on her iPhone while we wait for the start of the program.

[70] qc071016.jpg

The Kick-off had lots of games and give-aways. Ryly tried her luck at "Name That Tune".

[71] qc071017.jpg

Unfortunately, she was unable to name the 3rd-chair violinist who performed the "Imperial March" from Empire and was eliminated.

[72] qc071018.jpg

A view of the Atrium I floor from the Main Stage level.

[73] qc071019.jpg

The Vendor Area was huge but crowded. Ice ran through after 7:00 PM to miss the crowds. Logitech was displaying their latest keyboards and mice.

[74] qc071020.jpg

The Guildhall from SMU had a booth explaining their graduate program in video game design.

[75] qc071021.jpg

Not sure what these guys do but they had a booth at Quakecon to demonstrate it. :-/

[76] qc071022.jpg

GameRail was aggressively pushing their private gaming network. If it consistently works, this could be a great idea!

[77] qc071023.jpg

Instead of spending money on a well-designed, cohesive display, FSP opted for a double-wide booth with a "homegrown" appeal …

[78] qc071024.jpg

… but they did have a great stock of power supplies.

[79] qc071025.jpg

Z-Board had a booth displaying their latest gaming keyboards.

[80] qc071026.jpg

This was a nice booth and a nice idea (particularly for laptops with slower hard drives) but I never saw anyone in the booth.

[81] qc071027.jpg

Who is WinTec Industries? Appealing backdrop though.

[82] qc071028.jpg

The Left 4 Dead demo. There was always a line waiting to play this game.

[83] qc071029.jpg

Bawls had a double-wide booth but had not shown up as of Thursday evening.

[84] qc071030.jpg

MSI was displaying their latest motherboards.

[85] qc071031.jpg

PNY had a very nice booth with a half dozen demo PCs.

[86] qc071032.jpg

They also displayed a "3-D gaming monitor". The image looked pretty 2-D to me.

[87] qc071033.jpg

Sierra had a huge booth and offered World in Conflict demos.

[88] qc071034.jpg

Alienware had a number of systems on display.

[89] qc071035.jpg

Not too much action in the GameLounge …

[90] qc071036.jpg

AxionTech is coming to Dallas soon? Well, I'll just hold my breath until then. :-P

[91] qc071037.jpg

Dell had a display on the other side of the Alienware booth.

[92] qc071038.jpg

Armadillo Aerospace brought some of their toys to show off.

[93] qc071039.jpg

People could look but not touch.

[94] qc071040.jpg

Phillips had a booth featuring their amBX line of computer speaker systems.

[95] qc071041.jpg

Triton Technologies had a sparsely decorated booth.

[96] qc071042.jpg

Electronic Arts had a demo of Orcs and Elves II.

[97] qc071043.jpg

Activision had an Enemy Territory - Quake Wars demo …

[98] qc071044.jpg

… and a Guitar Hero II demo set up in their large booth.

[99] qc071045.jpg

DeVry University was present, explaining their career training programs.

[100] qc071046.jpg

Another booth featuring computer power supplies.

[101] qc071047.jpg

nVidia had the largest booth by far with lots of computers …

[102] qc071048.jpg

… and an apparel store. They did have a free T-shirt they were giving away.

[103] qc071049.jpg

This booth delivers its message pretty effectively. :-P

[104] qc071050.jpg

InWin had some nice computer cases on display.

[105] qc071051.jpg

Patriot Memory and Antec shared a double-wide booth with a small LAN setup.

[106] qc071052.jpg

Perhaps this will motivate somebody …

[107] qc071053.jpg

nVidia passed out numbered buttons. If you found your match, you both got a spin on the Wheel of Prizes.

[108] qc071054.jpg

OK, time for some fragging. A number of servers where provided by the BYOC staff including this Quake 4 Instagib server.

[109] qc071055.jpg

More Quake 4 Instagib. Nice pings! :-)

[110] qc071056.jpg

Just when Ice thinks he has this game figured out …

[111] qc071057.jpg

… MT brings him crashing back to reality. That's what clan mates are for.

[112] qc072001.jpg

Grabbing some shut-eye in the BYOC.

[113] qc072002.jpg

The Austin Modders brought some cool case mods and some really big screens.

[114] qc072003.jpg

This double-wide case has a nice effect on the case windows.

[115] qc072004.jpg

The flat-panel is attached to the side of this custom case.

[116] qc072005.jpg

This case was a top three finisher in the Quakecon Case Modding Contest.

[117] qc072006.jpg

An Elric motif on this case.

[118] qc072007.jpg

There were a lot of laptops in the BYOC this year.

[119] qc072008.jpg

This is something you don't see in the BYOC everyday …

[120] qc072009.jpg

But then, it is a complete PC.

[121] qc072010.jpg

The hot pink keyboard and mouse of Doooooooom!

[122] qc072011.jpg

Nice acrylic case …

[123] qc072012.jpg

It looks good in the dark too.

[124] qc072013.jpg

This is an interesting effect …

[125] qc072014.jpg

There were also a number of Apples in the BYOC this year.

[126] qc072015.jpg

Nice effect on the PC created by the internal lighting and the vents.

[127] qc072016.jpg

There were a number of empty seats in the BYOC. These were near the main entrance.

[128] qc072017.jpg

[129] qc072018.jpg

This was a very popular case at Quakecon this year.

[130] qc072019.jpg

A number of people brought shuttle-sized PCs also.

[131] qc072020.jpg

I saw two or three of these in the entire BYOC. The case is covered with cooling fins.

[132] qc072021.jpg

An Apple laptop in the BYOC.

[133] qc072022.jpg

I don't know if the skull or the sticker was more effective at keeping hands away from this PC.

[134] qc072023.jpg

The Wolfenstein guys have upgraded their helmets. I guess they are the GDF guys now.

[135] qc072024.jpg

You used to never see consoles at Quakecon. I saw several this year.

[136] qc072025.jpg

Another double-wide case …

[137] qc072026.jpg

… showing its internal lighting.

[138] qc072027.jpg

This case won an honorable mention in the Quakecon Case Modding Contest. Prize: A case of Bawls.

[139] qc072028.jpg

The coolant reservoir was in a converted attache case.

[140] qc072029.jpg

This case was huge!

[141] qc072030.jpg

An external drive array?

[142] qc072031.jpg

The bright yellow SATA cables were tied to glowing blue cables which produced a nice effect in the dark.

[143] qc072032.jpg

That's a lot of caffeine!

[144] qc072033.jpg

A gamer crashed in the BYOC.

[145] qc072034.jpg

Another gamer crashed in the BYOC … and it's only Friday!

[146] qc072035.jpg

A military theme on this case.

[147] qc072036.jpg

There was even a Thinkpad T60 laptop in the BYOC.

[148] qc072037.jpg

This Silverstone case had a glowing ring around the side window.

[149] qc072038.jpg

It was much more obvious in the dark.

[150] qc072039.jpg

Sometimes, the raw look of bare metal is most effective.

[151] qc072040.jpg

The colors on the lid of this Toshiba laptop did not show well in this photo, unfortunately.

[152] qc072041.jpg

A number of machines were water-cooled.

[153] qc072042.jpg

MT had a clever idea for advertising his nVidia SLI Match numbers …

[154] qc072043.jpg

It looks like this computer is having some issues …

[155] qc072044.jpg

Ah, there's the problem!

[156] qc072045.jpg

There were many empty seats at the back of the BYOC.

[157] qc072046.jpg

Wow, is that a grill in the BYOC?

[158] qc072047.jpg

Naw, it's another case modded PC.

[159] qc072048.jpg

This case was covered with stickers. Some were rather topical.

[160] qc072049.jpg

I didn't realize how big the Dell XPS computers were until I saw this one.

[161] qc072050.jpg


[162] qc072051.jpg

So, the cut is suppose to be a viper's head, I suppose.

[163] qc072052.jpg

This just pissed Ryly off … A Mac running XP. It could at least have the decency to run Linux!

[164] qc072053.jpg

Skeletor PC.

[165] qc072054.jpg

This case featured a PlayStation 1 display screen running at up to 1024x768 resolution in the floppy drive bays

[166] qc072055.jpg

Nice effect on the front of this case.

[167] qc072056.jpg

Looks good at night too.

[168] qc072057.jpg

Another Apple laptop in the BYOC.

[169] qc072058.jpg

This case was covered with highly polished stainless steel which made the case look like it was covered with mirrors.

[170] qc072059.jpg

The other side of the same case.

[171] qc072060.jpg

Instead of the Styx hat, this gamer should wear …

[172] qc072061.jpg

… One of these Bawls hats!

[173] qc072062.jpg

I saw this PC at Quakecon a few years ago. When you have a good look, there is no reason to change it.

[174] qc072063.jpg

Is this a toaster … ?

[175] qc072064.jpg

… Or a PC?

[176] qc072065.jpg

External cooling unit mounted on the side of this case.

[177] qc072066.jpg

Nice effect with the cold cathode tubes on this case.

[178] qc072067.jpg

This is a double-high shuttle case.

[179] qc072068.jpg

This camouflaged PC also won a prize in the Quakecon Case Modding Contest.

[180] qc072069.jpg

It doesn't show in the picture but the internal lighting flashed in a way to make the internal hardware look like it was pulsating.

[181] qc072070.jpg

This was the Information Desk at the front of the BYOC.

[182] qc073001.jpg

Hack lords over the BYOC network.

[183] qc073002.jpg

The BYOC Helpdesk, hard at work.

[184] qc073003.jpg

Evilcow schools us in FreezeDT.

[185] qc073004.jpg

All the power cables were wrapped in this PC.

[186] qc073005.jpg

Glowing blue backlit keyboard.

[187] qc073006.jpg

Well, it's green …

[188] qc073007.jpg

Another water-cooled rig.

[189] qc073008.jpg

This case had its name cut in a piece of clear acrylic.

[190] qc073009.jpg

It produced a very nice effect in the dark.

[191] qc073010.jpg

This Lian-Li case is similar to mine, only a few drive bays shorter.

[192] qc073011.jpg

This FragBox isn't going anywhere.

[193] qc073012.jpg

This is the Japanese equivalent to Guitar Hero. It features techno and electronic tracks instead of guitar-heavy tunes.

[194] qc073013.jpg

Avast, me hearties! We're sailing the software seas!

[195] qc073014.jpg

Another popular case at Quakecon this year.

[196] qc073015.jpg

Oh, it's not that bad …

[197] qc073016.jpg

A couple more shuttle cases.

[198] qc073017.jpg

A nice acrylic shuttle case.

[199] qc073018.jpg

A Thermaltake shuttle case. I saw several of these around the BYOC.

[200] qc073019.jpg

This combination of tinted acrylic and cold cathode tubes made a nice effect in the dark BYOC.

[201] qc073020.jpg

The Thermaltake shuttle case in black.

[202] qc073021.jpg

… and a couple more black Thermaltake shuttles.

[203] qc073022.jpg

Now you're taking … a USB fan and a USB light.

[204] qc073023.jpg

This would be handy in case of gas attack or if the people around you forgot to bathe.

[205] qc073024.jpg

That is some heat sink on the processor of this PC.

[206] qc073025.jpg

This PC is covered in leather.

[207] qc073026.jpg

Even the CD trays are covered in leather.

[208] qc073027.jpg

Voodoo PC.

[209] qc073028.jpg


[210] qc073029.jpg

Another gaming console in the BYOC.

[211] qc073030.jpg

A couple of water-cooled PCs.

[212] qc073031.jpg

Nice lighting on both of them, too.

[213] qc073032.jpg

I counted seven hard drives in the double-wide PC.

[214] qc073033.jpg

MT and Ice played in a FreezeDT tournament on Saturday. They did OK, I suppose.

[215] qc073034.jpg

More water-cooling.

[216] qc073035.jpg

The same PC in the dark.

[217] qc073036.jpg

This PC has two dual core Opteron processors and runs Linux.

[218] qc073037.jpg

Another nice Lian-Li case.

[219] qc073038.jpg

The inside looks pretty good in the dark.

[220] qc073039.jpg

A water-cooled double-wide case.

[221] qc073040.jpg

Another water-cooled double-wide rig.

[222] qc073041.jpg

A night shot of the same PC to show off the case lights.

[223] qc073042.jpg

This RAM scrolls diagnostic messages using displays build into each stick.

[224] qc073043.jpg

At 6:00 PM, everyone headed across the hotel to the Main Stage for the Finals Party.

[225] qc073044.jpg

Trouble was, the setup on the room was not finished yet so a long line formed …

[226] qc073045.jpg

… Which wrapped most of the way around the Atrium.

[227] qc073046.jpg

The left side of the Main Stage.

[228] qc073047.jpg

The middle of the Main Stage with the tournament computers.

[229] qc073048.jpg

The right side of the Main Stage.

[230] qc073049.jpg

Making the final adjustments to the tournament computers for the Quad Damage Finals.

[231] qc073050.jpg

The Guitar Hero II hardware for the finals.

[232] qc073051.jpg

Chaotic Development gave this PC away in a drawing later in the evening.

[233] qc073052.jpg

It was definitely a sweet looking machine.

[234] qc073053.jpg

Working the crowd before the Quad Damage Finals.

[235] qc073054.jpg

The Quad Damage Finals featured Fojji on the left vs Toxjq on the right.

[236] qc073055.jpg

Fojji dominated Quake 1 and Quake 2 pulling out to a 2-0 lead in the match.

[237] qc073056.jpg

Toxjq stormed back in Quake 3 to cut the match score to 2-1.

[238] qc073057.jpg

Between games, the Quake Girls handled out T-shirts.

[239] qc073058.jpg

The Quake Girls wore very interesting outfits, to say the least.

[240] qc073059.jpg

Toxjq easily beat Fojji in Quake 4 evening the match at 2-2.

[241] qc073060.jpg

The tiebreaker game was Quake 4. Fojji played well but not well enough to win the game or the match.

[242] qc073061.jpg

DaHanG finished third, Fojji finished second, and for the second year in a row, Toxjq won.

[243] qc073062.jpg

Setting up for the finals of the Bawls chugging contest.

[244] qc073063.jpg

The guy in the dew rag downed 4 shot glasses and a bottle of Bawls in something like 5 seconds but he didn't put all his shot glasses top down!

[245] qc073064.jpg

He was disqualified and this guy was declared the winner.

[246] qc073065.jpg

He received the coveted Quakecon Chugger's Stein.

[247] qc073066.jpg

This was one of the Guitar Hero II - Battle of the Bands finalists.

[248] qc073067.jpg

… And his partner.

[249] qc073068.jpg

This was one of their opponents from the other band.

[250] qc073069.jpg

… And his partner.

[251] qc073070.jpg

The first band playing Psychobilly Freakout.

[252] qc073071.jpg

They finished with a very good score.

[253] qc073072.jpg

The second band played the same song.

[254] qc073073.jpg

They didn't do so well.

[255] qc073074.jpg

The winner of the Battle of the Bands is crowned.

[256] qc073075.jpg

All the Quick Draw winners over the course of convention were brought up on stage while the Guitar Hero II finals was setup.

[257] qc073076.jpg

This was one of the Guitar Hero II finalists.

[258] qc073077.jpg

… And his opponent.

[259] qc073078.jpg

They played the song Six in a head-to-head competition.

[260] qc073079.jpg

The scores were actually pretty close.

[261] qc073080.jpg

It's good to be a Rock Star!

[262] qc073081.jpg

The Enemy Territory - Quake Wars finals featured Team HOT from the winners bracket.

[263] qc073082.jpg

Their opponent was Dignitas coming from the losers bracket.

[264] qc073083.jpg

The first stopwatch map was Valley.

[265] qc073084.jpg

Neither team could complete all their objectives so the game ended in a tie.

[266] qc073085.jpg

Dignitas completed their objectives on the second map, Area 22.

[267] qc073086.jpg

Team HOT failed to complete the objectives faster than Dignitas, forcing a second round of games.

[268] qc073087.jpg

Dignitas finished Area 22 in an amazing time of 6:06 during the second round of games.

[269] qc073088.jpg

Check 6 finished third in the Enemy Territory - Quake Wars tournament.

[270] qc073089.jpg

After over three hours of finals play, Team HOT finished second.

[271] qc073090.jpg

Dignitas won the first ever Quakecon Enemy Territory - Quake Wars tournament.

[272] qc073091.jpg

We went back to the BYOC and played some Quake 3 and 4.

[273] qc073092.jpg

These are a few of Ice's Quake 4 FFA games.

[274] qc073093.jpg

Oops, x6.Fighter2a is getting close … Time to change servers. :-P

[275] qc073094.jpg

We played until almost 6:30 AM when we packed up and went to the room.

[276] qc073095.jpg

The hotel staff had thoughtfully slipped this under our door while we were gaming.

[277] qc074001.jpg

We left a small gift for the hotel staff in the corner of window.

[278] qc074002.jpg

It was almost visible from the main entrance of the hotel.

[279] qc074003.jpg


[280] qc074004.jpg

By noon on Sunday, the registration PCs had been packed up for shipping.

[281] qc074005.jpg

The BYOC was well on its way to being cleaned up and dismantled.

[282] qc074006.jpg

The tournament PCs were being packed and loaded onto pallets for shipping.

[283] qc074007.jpg

This was all that was left of the vendor area.

[284] qc074008.jpg

This was part of the swag haul for Quakecon 2007.